Pediatric Dentist Vs Family Dentist

FAQs: Dental Care for Kids, Pediatric Dentist Vs Family Dentist

Should I take my children to a pediatric dentist or to a family dentist ( Pediatric Dentist Vs Family Dentist ) ?

The services offered by general, pediatric, and family dentists are often the same. The biggest difference between dentists who offer general services and those who offer dental care specifically for kids is the age range of their target patients. It is always best to visit a family dentistry practice, as the dentist has the ability to provide dental care for adults and children alike in a comfortable environment. In addition, with a family dentist you can save a lot of time by avoiding visits to numerous dentists for different members of the family. (Frequently Asked Questions Pediatric Dentist Vs Family Dentist (Source) : AAPD)

My baby’s first tooth has emerged. Should I take him or her to the dentist?

This is the perfect time to schedule a visit to the dentist. He or she will carefully monitor the child’s oral development and provide advice on how to stay away from dental complications like baby bottle decay.

My toddler has a cavity and is extremely scared of dental drills. How can I make sure the visit to the dentist is not a traumatic experience for him?

Today the field of dentistry has advanced so much that your child may not hear the sound of the drill at all. With tooth preparation using air-abrasion techniques and laser diagnostics, a dental care center that is focused on kids can easily minimize the use of any drills. In fact, they may not be needed at all.

I am unsure of whether amalgam fillings are appropriate for children. Can you tell me about it?

There is a lot of conflicting information on amalgam fillings. While the FDA claims that there is no evidence regarding amalgam being harmful to the health of pregnant women and children. Many dental organizations and dentists have challenged this conclusion. It is best to find a mercury free dentistry provider since it is always better to be safe than sorry

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