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alternative to braces

Correct Your Smile With an Alternative to Braces

Though the correction of teeth placement is often associated with orthodontics for children, more and more adults are seeking correction for their smiles as well. Obviously, most adults would not want to be seen with clunky wire braces in their workplaces and elsewhere, so the correction of an adult’s smile will require different methods.

Q: What are some of the alternative to braces?

There are a number of alternatives to traditional braces that work well for adults, and different dentists will offer different methods. One of the most popular services is Invisalign, though dentists also offer other options like Red White and Blue and FastBraces. Most of these treatments work very discreetly and are practically invisible and incredibly easy to use.

Q: How do these methods work?

Invisalign and Red White and Blue work in very similar ways in that they both straighten the smile using clear plastic trays. A series of these trays is designed specifically for your smile’s needs after an initial appointment when special software is usually used to map out the best progression for your treatment. You will switch the trays over time to gently shift your teeth into the correct positions. You are expected to wear the trays all the time, except when you take them out for eating and cleaning, but they are so thin that they are unobtrusive. FastBraces is more similar to traditional braces with the major difference being that they use triangular brackets so that increased force can be used to straighten teeth even faster.

Q: What are the benefits of these methods?

Other than the obvious benefit of invisible smile correction afforded by some of these methods, there are a few more reasons why one of these treatments could be your best choice. Since they can be removed, transparent trays make it easier to eat and clean your teeth so you can keep your smile healthy while you’re making it more beautiful. Because of how thin they are, you can also function normally while wearing the trays. When done right, these methods can work even faster than traditional orthodontics.

Ask from your dentists more about alternatives to braces and see if one of these methods could work for your smile.

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