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Correct Misaligned Teeth With Invisalign

Correct Misaligned Teeth With Invisalign

Is there hope for an adult with crooked teeth to improve the smile?

Dental records indicate that in the USA alone about a million American adults aged 18 and above are required to go through teeth corrective procedures. Braces are the recommendation to correct overbite, gradually close gaps between teeth, and to align crooked teeth. It is also realized that misaligned teeth while aesthetically unappealing, can also lead to oral hygiene issues. This is primarily because misaligned teeth do not get cleaned effectively by brushing and flossing due to the crowding.   As a result, there can be issues of tooth decay and development of gum disease over time. There is also a prevalent misconception that braces would only be effective during childhood and adolescent years and that as adults there is no option to correct misaligned teeth. However, records and experience of adult patients illustrate that tooth correction is indeed successful among adults but would require more time wearing braces.  

As adults there is a reluctance to wear conventional braces. Is there an alternative?

Adult patients step back from the option of wearing metal braces due to the unattractive appearance. However, a dentist would offer a cosmetically pleasing option for adult patients who seek corrective procedures for misaligned teeth. Invisalign offers an aesthetically pleasing corrective device that is not conspicuous like metal braces.  The Invisalign trays are customized according to each patient’s corrective need in a sequence of trays in different measurements, to be worn throughout the corrective procedure time. Generally, each alignment tray is required to be worn for a period of two weeks before moving onto the next tray in the line. The uniqueness of Invisalign is that the alignment trays are manufactured from a clear plastic material that is not visible. Furthermore, Invisalign does not require routine visits to the dentist for adjustments as with conventional braces.

What are the advantages of using Invisalign?

 The Invisalign trays do not require a professional dentist to clean them as with conventional braces. They can be cleaned by the patient at home because of its easy to wear and remove, while the change from one size aligner tray to the next level aligner tray can also be done by the patient at home.  Furthermore, adult patients do not need to worry about food particles getting stuck in the braces’ metal frame as with conventional braces because Invisalign trays can be removed when eating and then replaced in the mouth.  The cost of Invisalign trays is about the same as for the conventional metal type braces because of the technologically advanced material and the requirement to manufacture a series of aligner trays in sequence.

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