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Cosmetic Dentistry

How to Use Cosmetic Dentistry to Make You Smile Beautiful

Have you been living with a smile that doesn’t reflect the true beauty of who you are? If you have given up hope that you could ever have a beautiful Hollywood smile, be encouraged that no matter what it is you don’t like about your smile, a dentist can give you what you want.

Q: Are you unhappy with the color of your smile?

Source: YouTube | Advanced Dental Artistry

No one wants a gray or yellow smile, but for many of us who have exposed our teeth to substances like coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, or even some medications, it seems like we are stuck with a discolored smile. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, this is not the case. A qualified dentist can perform whitening treatments that can be professionally customized to make your smile as dazzling white as you have always dreamed.

Q: Are your teeth crooked or unevenly spaced?

You may think that braces only work for kids and now that you’re an adult, you will have to live with your smile the way it is. A cosmetic dentist would tell you this is not so, since many dentists offer adult orthodontic options. Many of these options are more discreet than traditional wire braces. Dentists understand that as an adult you don’t want the world to know you are trying to straighten your smile.

Q: Are there spaces in your smile?

A smile with either gaps or empty spaces from lost teeth doesn’t just look awkward; it is also a danger to the health of your remaining teeth, your gums, and even the structure of your jaw. Cosmetic dentistry procedures such as the insertion of dental implants, crowns, or porcelain veneers can remedy these problems and make your smile whole and healthy.

Whatever your concerns are with your smile, a dentist who offers cosmetic dentistry would love to help give you the smile of your dreams.

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