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teeth bonding pros and cons - price for teeth bonding

Teeth Bonding Pros and Cons, Is Teeth Bonding Worth It?

What is Teeth bonding? & Price for Teeth Bonding

Teeth Bonding from a reputed dentist is one of the easiest and most price-friendly cosmetic dental procedures. The composite resin that is commonly used in bonding can be polished and shaped to ensure that it matches the surrounding teeth. Mostly, bonding is used to create cosmetic improvements in the smile to improve the aesthetics of chipped or discolored teeth. It is also commonly used to fill spaces between the teeth and even to change the hue and shape of the teeth.

Teeth Bonding Pros and Cons

I am worried about the material that is used for Dental bonding. Is it safe?

It is a cosmetic, biocompatible, and metal-free material. Its consistency is similar to putty so that the dentist can easily mold it into the most aesthetic shape. The restoration is then hardened using a curing light. Dental bonding is definitely an aesthetic, fast, and safe solution for minor cosmetic issues and damage.

Is dental bonding a purely cosmetic solution or are there other health benefits too?

As is the case with numerous forms of cosmetic dentistry, bonding has aesthetic and health benefits. When it is used for filling cavities, or to conceal any chipping, it helps replace the tooth structure that is missing and seals out any bacteria. It can also be particularly beneficial for patients who suffer from gum recession, which is usually a result of periodontal disease. The surface layer of the root of the tooth is cementum, which is a soft substance that is not as decay-resistant as enamel. Therefore, exposure of the root can be prevented by covering it with a protective layer of bonding material.

The Dental bonding makes my tooth feel strange – will the feeling go away?

Any change in your oral structure, such as bonding from a dentist will feel quite unnatural at the beginning. However, within a few days or weeks, patients get used to the new contours of the tooth and they will not notice it as much. However, if there are some rough spots, talk to your dentist about getting it polished.

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