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Teeth Whitening Method

Teeth Whitening Method

If you have a radiant smile you know very well how far it gets you in life. May it be work life or social life, you can never fail to benefit from a winning smile. You exude confidence and people respond to you naturally, even before you have spoken a word to them. Such is the power of a smile. Now let’s look at the flip side. If you don’t have an attractive set of teeth, your smile won’t be a winner. You purse your lips whenever you can to make sure strangers will not see your discolored teeth. You avoid letting loose and laughing at jokes because you don’t want your teeth to embarrass you. All you want to do is steer clear of social events. But wait – what is stopping you from having a smile that you can be proud of? You can try teeth whitening.

The appearance of a person’s smile plays a big role in their overall appearance. In fact, the first that a person will notice when meeting someone, is a friendly and confident smile; not the color of the eyes, or what the person was wearing. Many a dentist offers their patients teeth whitening to help them achieve a stunning, white smile. This treatment, however, can pose a challenge for patients with sensitive teeth.

What is teeth whitening?

You can hardly find any adult who hasn’t tried this out already. Teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic procedure available and the reason for that is its simplicity and affordability. In fact, whitening is what everyone thinks of first when they want to instantly upgrade their smiles. That is the first step to the whole enhancing process. Some people who have considered other additional procedures such as veneers or tooth bonding sometimes feel content enough with whitening because it really changes the smile for the better. And all it takes is an hour!

What is the procedure like?

Teeth whitening is done by applying a whitening gel on discolored teeth and making it activate so that it breaks down stains on the enamel. Chemical activation and light activation are available currently and the former is preferred by dentists because it causes less sensitivity and is quicker.

Which teeth whitening method is more suitable for sensitive teeth?

There are several types of teeth whitening methods available. Over the counter strips and pastes are available for purchase, in-office whitening treatments are available at a dentist’s office along with at-home whitening trays. Patients can choose from several methods to whiten their teeth, however, the best course of action is to opt for the at-home treatment from an experienced dentist.

What is at-home whitening?

At-home whitening is one of the popular whitening methods, and involves the use of customized teeth whitening trays. These trays are made using impressions of the patient’s teeth. It involves a whitening gel being applied to the trays. The user then needs to wear the trays on their teeth for a prescribed amount of time every day for a week or two. This method is ideal for patients with sensitive teeth as patients can brush their teeth with special toothpaste between whitening sessions. Furthermore, an appropriate whitening gel can be given, which will not worsen the sensitivity.

Briefly, teeth whitening is a popular treatment offered by many a dentist to address stains on teeth. However, people who have sensitive teeth may find their problem worsened by teeth whitening. With a proper treatment plan for at-home whitening, patients with sensitive teeth can still achieve a white, bright smile without making their teeth more sensitive.

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