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Teeth Whitening

What Can Teeth Whitening Do?

One of the most frequently requested cosmetic dental treatments is teeth whitening. This treatment is able to give patients spectacular results. There are two types of teeth whitening treatments, the in-office, and the at-home treatments, both of which give nearly identical results.

What can teeth whitening do?

A person’s teeth can become stained or discolored for several different reasons. A teeth whitening treatment is able to address almost all of them, including aging, medications, genetics, food, and drinks. The whitening treatment will bleach away the staining molecules and whiten the enamel by several shades using the special whitening gel.

How long does a teeth whitening treatment take?

The in-office teeth whitening treatment takes roughly one hour to complete. During this time, the patient will have a whitening gel applied to their teeth, following which a special light will be focused on the gel to activate it.

On the other hand, the at-home treatment takes a couple of weeks to give results, but it can be done from the comfort of your own home. The whitening gel given for at-home treatments is less concentrated than the gel used during in-office treatments. It should be noted, however, that the results of both methods is essentially the same.

How can you maintain the results of teeth whitening?

Source: YouTube Dr. Jackie Korol

Some of the main things that need to be avoided to maintain the results of teeth whitening are food and beverages. A glass of red wine, a cup of coffee, red pasta sauce, and even chocolates can cause teeth to become stained. If you find it difficult to avoid some of these drinks, use a straw. This way, the staining agents in the drinks bypass the front of your teeth. Furthermore, brushing after consuming these foods and drinks can help in making the results last longer.

To sum it up, teeth whitening is the most commonly undergone cosmetic dental procedure, and it can eliminate stains to give you whiter teeth. The in-office treatment takes roughly one hour, while the at-home one takes several weeks, but both give the basically the same results. By avoiding certain foods and drinks, the results of the treatment can be prolonged.

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