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What is Six Month Smiles System

What is Six Month Smiles System

When a person has teeth that are crooked, crowded, or have gaps between them, they normally tend to avoid smiling. A smile that is not satisfactory can lower a person’s self-confidence. While braces are an option, the many drawbacks of this method make it unappealing to many people. In such a case, opting for Six Month Smile braces may be the best course of action for patients.

What is the Six Month Smiles System ?

This teeth orthodontic system is unique, and is based on the proven principles of effective tooth movement. Six Month Smiles System make use of brackets attached to teeth and connected by a wire, in a similar to standard braces. However, patients will find that there are virtually no similarities between Six Month Smiles and braces other than the brackets and wires.

How are Six Month Smiles System different?

One of the main differences that many patients value is that the Six Month Smile brackets and wires are made from transparent or tooth colored materials, making it a discreet option. In addition, compared to traditional braces, this system is lightweight and quite comfortable. Six Month Smile treatments do not require several years, but can instead be completed in four to nine months. Moreover, this method is useful when patients are in need of a relatively fast correction to their front teeth, as six month smiles braces focus on the front teeth.

In a few words, Six Month Smile braces are an orthodontic system that is available to patients as an alternative to metal braces. While this orthodontic system follows the brackets and wires concept of traditional braces, that is where the similarities end; virtually all other aspects of six month smiles are different. Some of the most notable differences include the use of transparent or tooth colored material for the wires and brackets, fast treatment time, and being lightweight and very comfortable.

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