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General Dental FAQs

General Dental FAQs

Q: What are the benefits of regular visits to the dentist?

It is essential to visit the dentist regularly, as it is an integral part of long-term dental health. Early preventive measures and diagnosis can eliminate potential tooth loss and major restorative procedures. Periodontal diseases can also be prevented by professional tooth cleaning that will help reduce oral bacteria and remove tartar and plaque.
A typical preventive visit will include a full oral exam, cleaning and polishing of teeth, and periodontal probing. You will also be able to talk to the dentist regarding dental needs and concerns for expert advice.

Q: Why is dental cleaning important?

When it comes to removing plaque and dental tartar, dental cleaning is essential. Cleaning will eliminate unwanted buildup and help your teeth to be cavity free and your gums to be healthy. If scheduled cleaning is not performed, it may lead to tooth decay and periodontal diseases.

Cleaning your teeth twice a year is recommended according to research and studies in the field of dental health. This may change, depending on the risk factors that a patient may be exposed to. It has been identified that there are three key gum diseases factors that can affect you in the long term. They are smoking, diabetes and genetics.

One or more risk factors will require two dental cleanings per year, whereas two or three risk factors will require more than two cleanings per year for significant benefits. People with no risk factors may only require one annual cleaning. The dentist will be able to determine the number of times cleaning should be performed per year after assessing the risk factors.

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