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Is there such a thing as painless dentistry?

Is there such a thing as painless dentistry?

Can’t wait to see your dentist, or can’t wait to get the appointment over with? Probably everyone would agree with the latter. How can anyone want to go to the dentist, where they would almost certainly be in pain and discomfort? The fact is things are different now than they were during your parents’ time. Discomfort is no longer an obvious aspect of painless dentistry, as many dental clinics would attest to. 

How are patients encouraged to relax?

In order to create a comfortable experience for the patient most clinics are now designed to please the senses, with fascinating art or visuals and soothing aromas. Aromatherapy and foot massages are associated with many dental clinics nowadays. Refreshments, Wi-Fi, televisions, video games, and even neck pillows are a common sight when you visit the painless dentist’s office. When a patient is anxious he or she is more sensitive to pain and even the slightest discomfort becomes blown up into something more. That’s why it’s important to create a relaxing environment.

How can anesthetics be given without pain?

The use of anesthetics has also improved over time. Needles can add to patient anxiety but now, thanks to vibration comfort tools, no pain is felt during injections. Any patient is a good candidate for this technology. The vibration numbs the sensation of the needle pushing into the skin.

First, the painless dentist applies a topical anesthetic to the injection site. Then the medication is warmed up to body temperature before it is injected to reduce the body’s reaction. Finally, the vibrating device is applied to the skin just before and after the injection.

What are other pain reducing methods?

  • Nitrous Oxidehelps to soothe adults and children.
  • Oral sedation is good for lengthy treatments. 
  • Noiseless tools are great to reduce anxiety. 

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