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eeth Hurt When I Wake Up in the Morning

Q&A: Teeth Hurt When I Wake Up in the Morning, What Should I Do?

My teeth hurt when I wake up in the morning but they improve throughout the day. Should I be worried?

It is best to ask your holistic dentistry professional to carry out a full examination to answer that question. However, the most likely cause of such a condition is bruxism. This is just a condition where the patient tends to clench or grind the teeth and is not a disease, contrary to popular belief. Some people tend to do this when they are feeling stressed. However, some may do this while they are asleep and so do not know that they are doing it. The dentist will be able to pinpoint this as the reason especially if the back teeth are extremely worn down. Other than sore teeth, bruxism may also cause tooth fractures, facial pain, headaches, among other symptoms. It is possible to cure nighttime bruxism with a customized oral appliance that the patient has to wear while they are sleeping.


I am unsure of whether my toothbrush should be left in open air or in a sealed container. Which one is right? Ideas for toothbrush storage

Any dentist in a holistic dentistry practice will tell you that bacteria can easily flourish inside your mouth, as it is the perfect breeding ground. A toothbrush is essential to stop them from creating colonies inside your mouth. Therefore, it is likely that your brush is also covered in germs and these will easily thrive in an environment that is moisture-dense. Hence, it is extremely important that you let your toothbrush dry fully in between your brushing sessions. While it can be kept inside a cabinet, it can also be kept in any other ventilated and protected location. It is best not to store it in open air on the basin or a counter that is close to the toilet

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