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Root Canal Treatment

The Truth About Root Canal Treatment

Root canal is probably one of the most notorious dental treatments, but how much do you really know about this often misunderstood procedure?

Q: What are the signs you may need root canal treatment?

A root canal procedure may be a necessary treatment if you have a deeply decayed or infected tooth. The first sign of an infection is pain or sensitivity caused by the infection reaching the pulp and nerves within a tooth. Sometimes the pain may be persistent, but often it will occur when pressure is placed on the tooth or after it has been exposed to hot or cold substances and occasionally the tooth may appear to be discolored. The pain may also affect gums which may swell.

Q: Why and how is root canal done?

There are two main reasons a root canal is performed: one is to eliminate pain, and the other is to save a natural tooth. Root canal allows both of these goals to be reached in one procedure by removing the infected dental pulp within the tooth which primarily serves to only give the tooth sensations of hot, cold, or pain. If left alone, infected pulp will spread to nerves and beyond possibly causing further health complications.

Q: Is root canal treatment painful?

Though root canal has a reputation for being a painful dental procedure, patients often report that the procedure is no worse than receiving a filling and it is generally performed with a local anesthetic. In fact, it is the pain of the infection prior to the treatment that is usually the most painful. The root canal itself only serves to relieve the intense pain and salvage a damaged tooth.

Root canal is actually a treatment that is geared toward relieving pain and discomfort and improving the health of your mouth. If you have any symptoms of a toothache, visit a dentist to have your teeth checked and find out if your teeth could be saved by root canal.

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