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What is Holistic Dentistry? Pleasing Dental Experience with Holistic Dental

What is holistic dentistry?

Although traditional dental techniques, treatments, technologies, and materials have been in use for years, many scientists, dental professionals, and even patients question the wisdom and safety of some of these practices. There are patients who prefer to try a holistic approach in dental treatment. This new preference by patients stems in line with a movement towards alternative medical practices and experiences.

What are some examples of holistic practice in dental science?

There is known to be a refusal of traditional procedures such as root canals and the use of silver amalgam in tooth fillings. The reason these conventional types of treatments are refused by holistic dental practitioners is because of the potential harm they can cause. There are holistic dentistry practitioners who approach the treatment of dental issues as a ‘whole body’ experience and believe that treatment procedures should not do harm to the balance and composition of the whole body. In this respect, holistic dentistry belongs to alternative medical practices such as acupuncture, chiropractor, and homeopathy treatments.

What is the advantage for a patient in choosing holistic dentistry?

As its namesake holistic dentistry involves a comprehensive examination of a patient’s health condition and medical history in conjunction with the dental concerns. During a first visit the patient would experience a thorough assessment that would allow the dentist to understand health issues and inquire into potential disorders experienced by the patient such as epilepsy, breathing related issues, digestive problems, depression, and nerve issues. A patient could also experience a comfortable range of treatment approaches that help them relax in the dentist’s office and during treatment. The treatment atmosphere in a holistic dentist’s office would have soothing music or aromatherapy that helps ease the nervousness of patients and helps them relax as they prepare for and undergo their respective dental treatment.

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

IAOMT is an academy of professionals providing mercury free and fluoride free biological dentistry and scientific resources to support safety in healthcare.

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