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Sedation Dentistry Services

What Is Sedation Dentistry Services?

A professional and reputed dentist who offers a range of dentistry services with the aim of ensuring not only high quality treatment but also a comfortable experience.

My dentist offers sedation dentistry services. What is this service?

Sedation dentistry from a dentist near you and me involves the use of medication to help you relax while he or she runs you through dental procedures. It is also known as “sleep dentistry”, although this description is not very accurate. Other than patients on whom general anesthesia is used, others are awake throughout the procedure.

Are there different levels of sedation?

Yes. In the case of minimal sedation, the patient is awake but in a state of relaxation. Moderate sedation or “conscious sedation” is when you might experience some slurring when you speak, and you may not remember a large part of the procedure. In deep sedation, you will be on the edge of consciousness but you can be awakened. Needless to say, when general anesthesia is administered, you will be entirely unconscious.

Who are the best candidates for sedation dentistry?

The treatment is most suitable for those who suffer from real anxiety or fear which keeps them away from the dentist. It might also be used on patients who have a low pain threshold, have poor control over moment and so cannot sit still, have high sensitivity in their teeth, need to go through several extensive dental procedures or those who have poor gag reflexes. 

Occasionally, the dentist near you and me may suggest this course of treatment for children if they are afraid of visiting the dentist or simply won’t cooperate during a visit. It is safe to use nitrous oxide on children, but in the case of oral sedation, it requires special training, and the dose has to be within the recommended dosage for the particular child’s age and weight.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

Source: YouTube Stanley Dentistry

As long as you are in the hands of a well-experienced and professional dentist, it is quite safe. However, those who are obese or suffer from obstructive sleep apnea must inform their dentist of such concerns before undergoing sedation dentistry. This is because they are more prone to developing complications. 

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