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Purpose of Root Canal Therapy

Purpose of Root Canal Therapy

When you are experiencing a toothache or your teeth are severely decaying, your dentist may recommend a root canal procedure. If you have some concerns, your dentist can explain more about this treatment.

Q: What is the purpose of root canal therapy?

This is a dental treatment that dentists perform when a tooth has become severely decayed and the pulp of the tooth is infected. When this happens, it is necessary to remove the infected dental pulp to relieve pain and stop the spread of the infection. This is what root canal therapy achieves, and in the process it can save the tooth from further damage and keep it from being removed.

Q: Isn’t root canal painful?

Any dentist you ask will tell you that if you receive this common treatment, you will feel no pain during the procedure. Most experts will explain that the pain associated with root canals is the pain of the infection itself and the treatment actually stops this pain. Before performing the procedure, the dentist will ensure that the area is properly numbed so that you will remain comfortable throughout your treatment.

Q: Are there any alternatives to root canal?

Sadly, once your tooth has reached the point that the root canal is needed, there is little else that can be done. The only alternative option would be to extract the tooth. Since most dentists and patients will agree this is not the ideal solution as the next step would be to place a restoration, root canal is usually the better option since it can save the natural tooth.

Rather than avoiding what you think could be an unpleasant procedure, you should ask your dentist, to give you all the facts about root canal therapy so that you don’t have to be afraid of this effective treatment.


If you have a chronic toothache, or a tooth that is deeply decayed, your dentist might recommend root canal therapy to save the tooth.

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