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Who is a holistic dentist

Who Is a Holistic Dentist?

Who is a holistic dentist?

There are many types of dentists. General dentists, family dentists, periodontists, and orthodontists – you may have gone to any one of them. Perhaps the term ‘holistic dentist’ is unfamiliar to you. It’s only because this is a special term applied to a broad range of dentists, from general dentists to orthodontists. It is not an officially recognized subfield of dentistry but mainly a principle shared by many practitioners. The principle is to diagnose and treat issues related to oral health but with a high regard and understanding for general health. Holistic dentists refuse to separate the two when dealing with patients because they believe they are closely linked.

Source: YouTube Maxwell Dental

What is the focus of holistic dentistry?

Mercury fillings

They have been used for many years as they last long and are easy to position during treatment. However, holistic dentists do not recommend using them as small amounts of mercury can leach into the oral tissues, especially if the fillings are damaged. Even tiny amounts of mercury can be toxic to the tissues and create a health risk. Even removing mercury fillings requires caution and special care.

Root canals

Teeth that are infected need root canal treatment. It is a way to keep natural teeth and thereby prevent gaps between teeth. Generally, holistic dentists are not in favor of this process as if it’s not perfectly carried out, there can be a blood infection. Such complete sterilization seems impossible based on research results and therefore root canal therapy can expose the patient to systemic infection. Breast cancer and heart disease can be triggered because of root canal procedures that have been done long ago and imperfectly. Furthermore, substances such as formaldehyde used as a sterilizer in this process can also be toxic to the body.

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