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All-on-four Restorations

All-on-four Restorations

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. While most people are fortunate to have one, a few others are struggling with issues such as tooth loss. They feel that they can never look as good as they used to, with a full set of teeth.

How does tooth loss affect a smile?

There are immediate impacts and gradual impacts. When teeth are lost, it instantly ruins the smile because gaps exist in the place of teeth. Such gaps add years to your looks, so that even if you were 20, you may look 40. The long-term effects of tooth loss are worse. Gaps between teeth cause the remaining teeth to shift. It can create small gaps between teeth, causing food debris to be trapped in the mouth easily. Teeth can become crooked and crowded.

What are all-on-four restorations?

They are non-removable full-arch appliances that are anchored by dental implants. As dental implants are very solid structures, there is no way that these restorations will shift in the mouth. Furthermore, implants can last a lifetime if maintained well. This restoration is a permanent one, restoring around 90 percent of the biting, chewing, and grinding efficiency. That’s not all. The special technique makes it possible for treatment to be completed in just one day. Dentures usually need at least two sessions at the office. Although this is a surgical procedure, it’s very safe and patients recover quickly.

Many patients who have tried dentures and are not pleased with them often choose all-on-four restorations. The latter looks natural and feels natural too. They are also cost effective, triumphing over reliable but expensive dental restorations such as dental implants. If you are interested in this treatment, contact your favorite cosmetic dentist.

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