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Can Dental Implants Substitute for Your Natural Teeth?

Can Dental Implants Substitute for Your Natural Teeth?

Dental Implants – Can They Be a Substitute for My Natural Teeth?

Yes! After all, dental implants from a dentist are not only extremely natural looking but are also very comfortable and the most effective way of replacing teeth that have gone missing due to breakage or decay. Although they may not be very perfect, they are the closest substitutes to natural teeth.

The longevity of dental implants is very high. Why is this?

This is because implants are made of a titanium alloy. This is the same material that is commonly used in joint and hip replacements because of its solid and strong characteristics. Further, this material is not reactive to temperatures and cannot decay. This is why dental implants are known to last for numerous years.

What are the key benefits of dental implants?

Source: Bruno Silva

The biggest benefit of dental implants is that since the artificial tooth placed on top of the titanium post has a permanent “root system” just like natural teeth, it is unlikely to get dislodged or slip. Therefore patients can enjoy improved chewing functionality without having to worry about their restorations falling out or slipping, as is commonly seen in dentures.

Further, patients with dental implants from a dentist will not experience any rubbing or slipping against the gum tissue. Hence, they will not experience any irritation. Patients who get dental implants also vouch for the increased levels of self-confidence that they feel when speaking, eating and smiling. With natural looking and sturdy teeth, there is no need to think twice about anything! Also, when opting for dental implants, the natural structure of other healthy teeth which surround the gap left behind the missing tooth is not compromised. This ensures excellent oral health too.

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