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Dentures to Restore Missing Teeth

Dentures to Restore Missing Teeth

When teeth are missing, one option that patients usually consider is dentures. They have been around for many years, making life easier for many people. If you talk to senior citizens, chances are that most of them are wearing dentures.

Why use dentures to restore missing teeth?

Dentures are false teeth. However, these teeth are good at doing the job of natural teeth. They provide structure to the mouth, not keeping any spaces or gaps. They allow proper speech. Most importantly, they help you to bite and grind your food. Dentures are a simple solution to the complicated problem of tooth loss.

Furthermore, dentures replace many missing teeth. They are especially helpful to senior people who lose many teeth over the years. Replacing each tooth with a dental implant is not financially ideal. It will cost a small fortune.

Dentures are also easy because almost anyone can be a good candidate for them. If you were getting dental implants, the most reliable dental restoration around today, you would need high bone density for the treatment to succeed. In addition, you should be in good health, because implants require minor surgery and therefore anesthetics.

What do dentures look like?

There are different types of dentures, partial and complete. Partial dentures are for one arch or a few missing teeth. Complete dentures replace all natural teeth. Because porcelain is used in creating dentures and it’s very similar to the color and texture of the enamel, you can get a natural looking finish.

Do dentures do justice to aesthetics?

Yes, modern dentures do. Thirty years back, they would have looked a bit invasive and uncomfortable sitting in your mouth but now the dentures are created with advanced technology, giving priority to patient comfort. The fit is perfect, making them less likely to pop out of the mouth, or slide around. The dentures are less rigid than they used to be, making it fit nicely into the contours of the mouth and allow clear speech.

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