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DuraFlex partial dentures

Difference Between Full and Duraflex Partial Dentures

What are dental dentures?

If you have teeth that are unhealthy, falling out, cracked, or even loose, you are probably feeling quite self-unconscious and uncomfortable. This is why you should consider a dental treatment such as dentures from a reputable dentist. False teeth, or dentures, serve as a replacement for natural teeth. Based on your need and the type that you chose, they may be made of a synthetic plastic resin, acrylic, or porcelain. Typically, dentures are designed in such a way that they improve the bite by allowing you to fully utilize your mouth. If you have speech problems as a result of missing teeth, you will find that dentures will help improve your pronunciation and speech. From an aesthetic perspective, dentures will help you regain your natural smile!

What is the difference between full and DuraFlex partial dentures?

These are two different types of dentures. Full dentures are best suited to patients who need an entire arch to be restored. These are created in the dentist’s office using 3D printing, thereby ensuring the best fit for you. If you opt for full dentures, you will be able to enjoy improved function and beauty with this dental treatment from a professional. If you are missing one or more teeth, you can opt for partial dentures. They are best when made using DuraFlex, which is a special material that is thinner than traditional acrylics. Therefore, there is no need for any metal to be used. Since it is a clear material, DuraFlex partial dentures are more aesthetic.

I hear that I will need to “adjust” to dentures. What does that mean?

During the first few weeks after you have received dentures, you will experience a learning curve. You will have to get used to having this dental appliance in your mouth and train your oral muscles to adapt to this appliance. However, within a few weeks, the awkward feeling will disappear and you will start enjoying a healthy and beautiful smile.

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