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E4d Dental System

E4d Dental System

What makes same day dentistry possible?

A skilled dentist, a well-trained staff, and the E4D dental system all make same day dentistry not only possible, but easy. The E4D system is the best of innovative dental technology. It allows dentists to make a restoration in just hours when it used to take two weeks, minimum.

What made restorations time consuming 10 years back?

Usually a dentist will first have to make an impression of the tooth and then send it to the dental laboratory to fabricate an artificial tooth. It’s the same for a dental crown, veneer, or a bridge. Once the impression is sent, the dental technicians will use machines to customize the restoration for the patient and then send it to your dentist. Patients typically had to go to their clinic at least twice to complete the treatment.

What are the benefits of the E4D system?

As mentioned earlier, the number of visits to the dental clinic is reduced. You need to go only once, combining consultation and treatment, and at the end of the day, you receive your restoration. There is no need to bother about making more appointments, waiting, checking availability of the dentist when dealing with dental emergencies.

Further, there is no risk of anything going wrong with the affected tooth. They have to be prepared to receive the restoration. During the wait, decay and shifting can happen. If so, the impression made before this change will not be an accurate model for the restoration and it will take more time to complete treatment, as another impression needs to be created.
Finally, there is no need to wear a temporary restoration while you wait for the permanent one. Same day dentistry saves both your time and your money.

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