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What Is the Process of Getting a CEREC Crown

What Is the Process of Getting a CEREC Crown?

When getting a dental crown, patients have to wait for several weeks. This process entails a preliminary appointment during which the dentist takes impressions of the patient’s mouth. These impressions are sent to a dental laboratory, which will create the dental crown to fit the patient’s tooth properly. Once the crown is ready, the patient has to return for another appointment when the dentist will attach the crown to the tooth. This whole process takes a lot of time. Nowadays, however, many dentists are offering patients a better method of getting crowns through the CEREC crown system.

What are CEREC crowns?

CEREC is a dental crown system that is more efficient and more beneficial when compared to the standard method of getting crowns. This system makes use of digital impressions and specialized software to create the dental crown in the dentist’s office itself; impressions do not need to be sent a dental lab. This enables dentists to give patients a dental crown in just one appointment.

What is the process of getting a CEREC crown?

Source: Creating a CEREC Crown at Midtown Dental

The process of getting a CEREC dental crown is almost the same as getting a standard dental crown. The patient goes to the office on the day of the appointment, following which the dentist will prepare the tooth or teeth in need of the restoration. Then, the dentist will take impressions and images of the tooth. These impressions are used by a computer-guided milling machine at the dentist’s office to create the crown out of a block of porcelain. Once it is done, the dentist will attach the restoration to the tooth and the patient can go home.

In a few words, getting a dental crown normally requires patients to wait for several weeks. With the new CEREC Crown system, it is possible to get a dental crown in just one appointment. The dentist will take digital impressions of the teeth and the in-house milling machine will create the crown from a block of porcelain.

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