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immediate loading dental implants

What is Immediate Loading Dental Implants?

What is immediate loading dental implants?

You may have heard of immediate loading dental implants. This recent trend in implant dentistry has received lots of attention because of the convenience it provides. It means that you can now fully restore a missing tooth in a matter of hours, instead of days. To explain this further, let’s go back to the conventional implant dentistry. When a tooth is lost your dentist will surgically place a dental implant in the tooth socket and let it heal for a few weeks. The healing process is also the time when the implant will fuse with the jawbone creating a firm foundation to the crown it will later receive to complete the artificial tooth. This is a problem for people who are deeply concerned about their appearance. If the missing tooth were in the anterior of the mouth, it would be quite embarrassing to smile. The gap would be immediately noticed. Now, there is no need to wait. A crown can be fitted onto the dental implant within a day (typically within a maximum of 2 days) of surgery.

What do dental implants do?

If you lose any teeth, an implant provides the artificial tooth roots to hold up a crown. Together these two structures create a complete restoration that looks and feels like the natural tooth/teeth you lost. Implants can restore missing teeth at any position on the jaw. Currently implants are longer lasting and more reliable than dentures and dental bridges in replacing teeth but that means they are also more costly, especially if you want to replace more than one tooth.

Is special care needed?

Yes, for the first 3 months after treatment, the patient needs to go on a soft diet. This is because the implants need to fuse with the jawbone.

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