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Learning to Live With Your Dentures

Learning to Live With Your Dentures

Tooth loss is a common part of aging for many people, but rather than live with the inconvenience of functioning without all your teeth, you may want to consider having a dentist fit you with dentures. Dentures can help your teeth function like they used to and make your smile and facial structure look complete again. If you are interested in dentures or have recently been fitted with dentures, you may be wondering what life will be like with your new smile.

Source: Adjusting & Getting Used to Your New Dentures

Q: How should you clean your dentures?

Dentures should be cleaned after meals by rinsing them in water and brushing them as you would your natural teeth. Whenever the dentures are not worn, they should be left to soak in either water or a denture cleanser, especially overnight.

Q: Will the dentures be uncomfortable?

A new denture may feel odd for a week or two as you adjust having it in your mouth. Your gums will need to get used to having the denture in contact with them, so be patient and be careful about what you eat until you are more comfortable using the denture. If you follow your dentist’s instructions for placing and removing the denture, you should be able to adjust easily.

Q: Do dentures need to be replaced or adjusted?

Yes, your mouth is constantly changing and since your denture cannot change naturally to keep up, it will need to be adjusted periodically, and in some cases, a replacement may be necessary. An ill-fitting denture can be uncomfortable and difficult to use, so as soon as you notice a change in the way your denture fits or how easily you can use it, ask your dentist to check it to see if any changed need to be made.

If you are missing teeth, ask a dentist if dentures could help you. Once you have adjusted to using dentures, you will find that they can help you chew food and speak more easily. In addition, quality dentures can help to fill in your cheeks again and restore your beautiful smile.

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