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Strickland™ Facelift Dentures

What are Strickland™ Facelift Dentures?

Strickland™ Facelift Dentures are dental restorations that have been used when a person has lost most or all of their natural teeth. This restoration is commonly used and is available in two types – complete and partial.

What are Strickland™ Facelift Dentures?

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The Strickland™ Facelift Dentures are a type of dentures that are made with emphasis on neuromuscular properties in order to provide a better fit and positively affect the patient’s face. While conventional dentures normally give the user’s face a hollow inward appearance, these facial rejuvenation dentures are able to support the cheeks and dental arch, as well as the muscles of the mouth to give a youthful appearance.

What are the benefits of Strickland™ Facelift Dentures?

Using Strickland™ Facelift Dentures can offer many benefits. First, these dentures help in fighting jawbone resorption due to their balanced design, making it partially rest on the muscles. They stimulate the alveolar bone to promote healthy regeneration. Another benefit of Strickland™ Facelift Dentures is that they do not wobble, slip, or hinder facial muscle movement, thus allowing patients to enjoy a greater level of comfort when compared to standard dentures. In addition to this, these facial rejuvenation dentures offer better chewing efficiency. Completely supporting the face and ending the appearance of hollow cheeks is another benefit of these dentures.

Another benefit of the Strickland™ Facelift Dentures is that they can ensure proper alignment as well as muscle support. These dentures are also able to ‘lift’ wrinkles and sagging skin. Finally, these facelift dentures will restore a person’s smile, their facial features, and their confidence.

To sum it up, Strickland™ Facelift Dentures are a type of denture that is made to offer a better fit and improve the appearance of the user’s face. These facial rejuvenation dentures offer a range of benefits to the user including a better fit, restoring a youthful appearance to the face, better chewing efficiency, and so on.

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