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What Are Partial Dentures

What Are Partial Dentures?

Tooth loss can affect nearly anyone of any age, not only elderly people. Though those who do not care for their teeth well can lose teeth to decay at any time in their lives, many people can lose teeth by no fault of their own because of an accident or trauma. When a tooth is lost for any reason, you must decide whether to live with an empty space in your smile or to have the tooth replaced somehow. For many people, partial dentures are the right choice.

Q: What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are perhaps one of the simplest options for replacing one or just a few missing teeth. Generally, partial dentures are made out of a metal frame that supports a replacement tooth which sits in a plastic base that is colored to match your gums. The denture can be placed securely in your mouth to replace your lost tooth, and it can also be easily removed for cleaning at any time.

Q: Why would you need a partial denture?

When you have lost only one or a few teeth, partial dentures are often a good option. Rather than leaving a gaping hole in your smile, getting a restoration like a partial denture not only makes your smile look whole again but also helps it to function well for eating and speaking. In addition, partial dentures can keep the rest of your smile healthy by keeping other teeth from shifting. Partial dentures could work well when you want a restoration that can easily be removed so that your dental hygiene habits don’t need to change much.

Q: Are there any other options?

Yes, there are a few other options for replacing one or more missing teeth. Dental bridges are an option that involves permanently attaching a replacement tooth structure to adjoining teeth using crowns. Another permanent restoration option is the use of a dental implant that works as a new tooth root for the fake tooth. If you would rather have a removable structure, a partial denture will still be your best choice.

If you think a partial denture could be the best way to replace your lost tooth, ask a dentist in your area about quality partial denture restorations.

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