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Ozone + UBI Therapy

What Happens with Ozone + UBI Therapy?

How do oxidants help bodies?

You may know that during the metabolic processes, free radicals are sometimes formed in the body. These free radicals are harmful, especially when they accumulate inside body tissues. Antioxidants, which we get in abundance from fruits and vegetables, protect us from these substances. However, oxidants can be beneficial when used therapeutically. They can help counteract fungal and viral infections and even arthritis and chronic joint pain. Ozone is a very strong healer when used in the correct manner. It is often combined with UBI (ultraviolet irradiated blood therapy), to improve the functions of the immune system and oxidative metabolism.

What happens with Ozone + UBI therapy?

This procedure is not at all uncomfortable or inconvenient. It treats a wide array of long-term ailments and it is considered a holistic method of cure. What happens is that the blood is treated with ozone and ultraviolet light. A little amount of blood is taken and to this is added an ozone mixture in a sterile environment in the presence of UV light. In a few minutes, the mixture is introduced to the blood via a drip tube. This addresses many problems at the cell level.

Source: YouTube The Wellness Hour

The blood that is re-infused is called ‘treated blood’ and this creates major but gradual changes:

  • Increasing the oxygenation capability
  • Countering energy deficiency in mitochondria (energy storing components in cells)
  • Stimulating detoxification of lymph fluid
  • Activating immune cells
  • Activating production of cytokinin, which helps to attack foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi
  • Increasing antioxidants inside cells to combat cellular aging
  • Helping to destroy cancerous cells

Therefore, this procedure is like an ideal form of vaccination, helping the body to fight diseases on its own. Be sure to go to an expert for treatment.

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