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what is all on four dental implants

What is All on Four Dental Implants

Losing your teeth can impact your life in so many ways from the way you eat and speak to the way you smile and present yourself. When your life has changed so much, it is natural to want to have your old smile back. With the help of all on four dental implants  this is nearly possible.

Q: What are dental implants?

Dental implants are an option for replacing teeth in a permanent and stable way. The dental implant itself is a tiny rod that is implanted into the jaw and serves as a replacement for a lost tooth root. The complete tooth restoration is then attached to the implant, and though implants are often used to replace just one tooth at a time, they also have other uses such as in all on four implants.

Q: What is all on four dental implants?

All on four dental implants are essentially the marriage between dental implants and dentures. Obviously, replacing all 32 teeth with individual implants would be a tedious process, yet many people desire more stability and permanence than traditional dentures can offer. To address both of these problems with one solution, dentists have developed all on four implants, which involves the placement of only four implants in each jaw onto which a full or partial denture can be permanently placed.

Q: What are the benefits of all on four dental implants?

All on four dental implants offer a number of unique benefits. In most cases, they can be placed quickly and easily for an immediate dental restoration, so you don’t have to go through a tedious process of receiving many dental implants. However, by using implants to anchor the dentures, your jawbone and gum line structure are protected and kept from deteriorating. Finally, all on four implants are much more stable than traditional dentures.

Why settle for less than the best when it is possible to have a stable, healthy smile with the help of all on four implants? Find out more from a dentist who specializes in implant dentistry.

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