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What is E4D Dental System

What is E4D Dental System

What is the E4D dental system?

The E4D dental system helps dentists offer same day dentistry solutions to their patients. Most cosmetic and general dentists’ restorative solutions require impressions to be sent to an outside laboratory where they are created. In such cases, patients who wish to avail of bridges, crowns and veneers have to go through at least two appointments. However, with this cutting-edge dentistry technology, patients can get their permanent restorations nearly immediately. Rather than having to schedule numerous appointments, patients can visit their dentist and leave with their final brand new restorations.

What are the benefits of this E4D system?

Notably, the biggest benefits are the ability of patients to complete the treatment within just a single appointment. Patients also do not have to wear temporary restorations. Many patients find that in conventional general or cosmetic dentistry, while they wait for the final restorations to arrive, something may go wrong with the tooth to be treated. For example, it may shift or may suffer from decay. However, with same day dentistry from a reputable dentist, patients can undergo the restoration procedure immediately, helping save money and time for the dentist and patient.

How is the dentist able to create these restorations on the same day?

Just like with traditional CAM/CAD systems, the E4D system comprises of several components that allow the in-house production of the restorations. With the state of the art computer system, it is possible to see the restoration digitally. The software allows the dentist to design it and the milling machine cuts the restoration into the correct shape and size. While traditional systems require tooth impressions, this new system takes a digital reading of the tooth’s dimensions. It also sends this information to the machine. In the designing stage, the “virtual tooth” can be altered by the dentist to ensure the correct size, shape, and color.

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