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What is Sinus Lift

What is Sinus Lift

What is a sinus lift?

A sinus lift may be needed prior to implant placement – a permanent restoration that is highly popular due to its reliability and longevity. Dental implants help to replace missing teeth at any place in either jaw. The best thing about implants is that they last longer than similar restorations. However, for longevity to be achieved the implant placement must be perfect. Sometimes the upper jawbone is damaged by physical injury or gum disease and there is insufficient bone height to support a dental implant. If such a situation arises, the sinus membrane may be moved up slightly in order to restore the bone tissue at a specific point.

What are the main reasons for this procedure?

Close proximity of the maxillary sinus cavity (on each side of the nose) to the upper jaw, makes it difficult to place dental implants successfully.

The posterior of the upper jaw has comparatively low bone density and height in many people. If teeth are lost in this area it further reduces the available bone tissue.

When teeth are lost, immediate attention is required. If restoration does not happen soon enough breaking down of the bone is a natural process. Bone tissue will eventually be absorbed into the body.

Chronic conditions such as gum disease (periodontists) can cause breaking down of the bone.

How common are sinus lifts?

In recent years, this procedure is increasingly performed throughout the country. This rise is mainly due to the popularity of dental implants among dentists and patients alike. Implant dentists are trained to perform various techniques that are associated with implant dentistry, including sinus lifts. State of the art technology allows the precise analysis of oral and maxillofacial structures, thereby enabling precise planning and effective treatment.

What type of anesthetic is used?

Local anesthetic and sedation leads to a painless experience.

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